Welcome to CX Cloud

Welcome to CX Cloud. This site will help you through the journey of setting up and operating a CX Cloud project.

What is CX Cloud?

CX Cloud is an idea for creating micro-services based architecture on AWS Cloud. This project is created and maintained by Tieto CEM unit. We use this idea, accelerators, architecture and 3rd party tools (e.g. commercetools, Algolia, Contentful) for creating high quality online services for our customers.

For additional information, see CX Cloud architecture and implementation scenarios. Check also our Change log for quarterly summaries of the most important changes and improvements.

And although our CX Cloud CLI is built for AWS, there is no deep dependency to AWS in CX Cloud in general. You are most welcomed to run CX Cloud with MS Azure or Google Cloud as well.

Getting Started

For getting started, check out the Getting Started guide. After you set up the basics, you can move forward with Setting up your own CX Cloud project and start exploring the possibilities.

Online demo

Front-end: https://demo.cxcloud.com/ Content API: https://demo.cxcloud.com/api/content/v1/api-docs/ · Search API: https://demo.cxcloud.com/api/search/v1/api-docs/ · Commerce API: https://demo.cxcloud.com/api/commerce/v1/api-docs/

Source code

CX Cloud components are available at GitHub. The online demo is created by running the CX Cloud CLI with default settings. The CLI generated source code for the demo is also available at GitHub.


CX Cloud and its components are released under the MIT license.