Welcome To CX Cloud

Welcome to CX Cloud. This site will help you through the journey of setting up and operating a CX Cloud project.

What is CX Cloud?

CX Cloud is an idea for creating scalable microservices based architecture on AWS. This project is created and maintained by TietoEvry CX practice. We use this idea, accelerators, architecture and 3rd party tools (e.g. commercetools, Algolia, Contentful) for creating high quality digital services for our customers.

CX Cloud is not a ready-made product, but more of a collection of accelerators (e.g. CI/CD, Data Engine) and best practices to help autonomous project teams to get up and running more quickly. In addition accelerators, its about sharing experiences between teams and also open sourcing (as CX Cloud Utilities) such components that are worth sharing. Join the discussions in our Slack channel.

For additional information, see CX Cloud implementation scenarios and architecture. Check also our Changelog for quarterly summaries of the most important changes and improvements.

And although our CX Cloud CLI is built for AWS, there is no deep dependency on AWS in CX Cloud in general. You are most welcomed to run CX Cloud with MS Azure or Google Cloud as well.

Why CX Cloud?

In our approach, we emphasize to find the optimal balance between centralized governance and team level autonomy. In general, we are targeting to enable our customers to use cloud native technologies for optimal flexibility and meeting solution specific needs, but also take long-term sustainability, target architecture and optimal TCO into account when developing digital solutions in scale.

In cloud native space, technology evolution is quite dynamic. Also, solution use cases are versatile and ambitioius. From development perspective, this requires having motivated and autonomous teams and using fit-for-purpose tech stacks. However, to reduce the negative impacts of siloed projects and to embrace reusability and maintainability, some common ground is needed.

For us, CX Cloud is a way to facilitate sharing code, best practices and experiences between teams to reach this common ground. Accelerators are provided as open source to make sure various teams can benefit without cost impacts and also to avoid any unintended vendor lock-in mechanisms when doing so.

Getting Started

For getting started, check out the Getting Started guide. After you set up the basics, you can move forward with Setting up your own CX Cloud project and start exploring the possibilities.

Online demo

Front-end: https://demo.cxcloud.com/ Content API: https://demo.cxcloud.com/api/content/v1/api-docs/ · Search API: https://demo.cxcloud.com/api/search/v1/api-docs/ · Commerce API: https://demo.cxcloud.com/api/commerce/v1/api-docs/

Source code

CX Cloud components and demo infra and services are available at GitHub.


CX Cloud and its components are released under the MIT license.

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