Change Log


We constantly develop Tieto CX Cloud based on customer projects, internal ideas, and partner contributions. Naturally, you can follow progress via Github but here are quarterly summaries of the most important changes and improvements.

Planned for H2/2020

  • Add GraphQL to basic set-up.

  • Create more templates to enable custom microservices generation with various technologies (e.g. Node, Java, Groovy) using CX Cloud CLI.

  • Add Azure support for infra provisioning.

  • Detail CX Cloud Utilities concept

Changes in 2019


  • CI/CD pipeline between Github and AWS.

  • Data Engine 1.0 for log management.

  • New core service for Reach marketplace.

Changes in 2018


Created AWS Cognito core service and enabled creation of Auth service with CLI. Improved CX Cloud documentation. Implemented front-end demo based on React.


Created CX Cloud CLI to enable more easy project set-up with infra, service and front-end generation. Switched from AWS ECS to Kubernetes.


We split core module to more granular modules (e.g. commerce, content, search). Also enabled generation of services and service specific API's with selected level of granularity based on available core modules.


Initial release.

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